Most self-respecting geeks I know tend to leave personal projects in their wake in varying stages of completion. Here is a woefully incomplete and out-of-date listing of mine:

MoneyGo, a personal finance management web application featuring double-entry accounting and importing transactions via OFX with the help of ofxgo.

Aedrix, a simple OS kernel which runs on ARM (inclusing the Raspberry Pi) and x86.

An open-source Dropbox clone written in python, Asink.

My github page has several other projects I have worked on over time.

Thesis Research

For my thesis research, I worked on ChronOS Linux, a real-time addition to the Linux kernel, as well as associated libraries. The ChronOS kernel is built on top of the PREEMPT_RT patch for the Linux kernel, and allows for writing advanced real-time schedulers which can be be inserted into the running kernel as kernel modules.